After the long lagging phase

I realized that the last post was dated back on August 31, apologies to those who are keep checking for a new post. Haha. Who will keep on checking this abandoned hut? If any, thanks for being one. I’m one lucky person for having you :]

Ok, so the problem is, well – as usual it is writing lag. Passion-lost. Soul-fragmentation, into some thousands pieces.

A repeating struggle to find my self back.

But the good news is I’m trying my hard to get the hell out from the shell. I have a long list of plots waiting to be wrote. Not to mention, my earlier promise to further discuss about the Do-It book. Way too late from it supposed to but I’m still keeping that promise no worry. But now, have to work first. 2 weeks to go, then I’m a full time writer. Heaven told ya!

Day two of Selangor Book Fair. Do-It at its best

Speak your mind here! :]

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