image Brought this stuff when I was struggling to find a healthy and nutritional breakfast a month ago. After quite a number of hardly-sleep-night, thinking what should I take during my breakfast that can provide the body system with enough nutrition with low calories (call me weird, haha but recently I’m too much into health concern), I turned out buying this.

Called Muesli. By tesco (how hard I’m to be not paranoid about Tesco Brand!). It is whole grain oat and wheat flakes with raisins, crunchy hazelnut and almonds. Those nuts are my nut. So I trapped buying that. Haha.

Worth buying! Delicious and crunchy as promised. A good choice whenever you need some snack to munch on. Make it royals by adding up 1-2 ts of honey or milk.

Most important, it makes you full. That’s enough for a human, huh?

Day 3 Eat Clean Programme. I lost 1.4 kg. I don’t know if the scale is not functioning well. Haha.


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