Donut’s story

Spending time eating my favorite donut. I bought two ; one is my all-time favorite and the other one is a new-trial. Just for fun, trying a new thing.

It is surprising that the one I’ve never tried before is more delicious than the all-time favorite donut. If I’m not dare of trying the new donut, maybe I will still stuck in the donut that I favored but now the taste was changed. Now that I love the new donut, it gives me confidence to leave the old donut. I still adore its old flavour, but yeah the fact wasn’t there anymore. Well, not under my control, so what else I can do?

So, sometimes, things are worth trying and sacrifice for. No matter how hard you’re at the first moment, in this case – deciding to try the new donut – believe me anything that comes after is better. Never be afraid to jump out of your zone. Try a new thing, challenge yourself and dare to change for the better you. It’s not easy but it’s going to be worth it.

After all, it is just about donut. Over-analysing me. Heh.


*Murakami’s book is displayed at the bookstore. Excited to see it but alas, too pricy. Unaffordable for now 😦


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