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The reserved space – defining the emptiness

Day by day, emptiness that embraces you seems endless. What you feel inside is a hollow loneliness, and you feel like nothing more than a grain sand on a beach. You think, maybe, it is lack of beneficial routine. Then you filled up the space with climbing up the highest mountain in the world, diving down into a deepest trench in the ocean, going out and seeing people around the world, and doing things out of your comfort circle. But no, the space is getting wider. So, maybe it is about finding someone to share out your love and life together. Then, you think; by now you should find someone. Someone that can give you the definition of those craps emptiness that you feel all these while. So, you try to find someone. You caught up with the people who keep hanging onto you, you try to figure out silently, is he/she is the one? And after all, you found your true mate, your true love. You think they will really filled up the space, beautifully just like you expected.

But deep down in your heart, the empty space is still there. It is like something is missing in the world that you have everything.

You started to find it inside yourself. The question-answer session began and at the very first question, nah you stuck.

It is about LORD. Your Creator, and The One that gave all the things you have now, where is HIM inside you, in your life?

You started to realise..maybe, just maybe the space is reserved for Him? The most important thing that you take it for granted. With that in mind, you started to find Him to fill in the dark, empty space. You started to renew your syahadah, you shaded out the ego by opening Al-Quran that you recite every day. But this time, you stared at the translation. You digested one by one verses and it is like a dirty cloth was rinsed with the purest water ever. The dirt was slowly vanished and you feel like the space is getting healed, narrowed.  The sorrows of emptiness that you felt before don’t have any idea how could the space is filled. You look for the books that related with Islamic knowledge and motivations. You tried to be as modest, as possible in all your life businesses, because that is the only way to control your affection to the worldly life.

Now that the space is filled slowly, you know it is the space for your Lord, our Lord – Allah.

Make the space as a sky, full of stars , rather than a hollow cloud which contained all the heavy water.

In the making of the sky, seek for Allah. Turn to Him, it is never, never too late. Or if you said it is late, then repent.

Allah, He is the Most Forgiving.



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