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now everyone can cook a superlicious spaghetti!

Half-dying suffering from squat-pain, forced myself to cook something to eat. It is weekday and everybody is working so I tried to make my own prego sauce (I’m not so into Prego). Here it is – meat spaghetti with spicy,fresh tomato sauce!


simple and easy I swear!

Recipe :

Blend these things :

– 2 tomatoes (before that, peel out the skin. To make it easier, soak it into boiled water for a few seconds)

– 3 garlics

-a red onion

add up pepper and salt. Since I’m madly in love with spice, so I added up 2-3 green chillies.

– – –

heat up pan + oil

throw in chopped onion, crushed garlic, meat (and whatever you want – meatball, sausage, etc), chunks of tomatoes (optional), whatever vegies (carrots,broccoli etc)

wait for the meat to tender

pour in the blended mixture

put in 3 spoons of your favourite chilli sauce

some salt, oregano (optional) and 1 spoon of sugar

To make it flavorful, I put in 3 pcs daun tomyam. So, it smells and taste like tomyam and paprik sikit. *I don’t know how come daun tomyam tu boleh ada dalam refri*

Then, wait until it boils and adjust the viscosity up to your taste

last but not least, don’t forget to boil the spaghetti :]

haha. super easy and way more nutritious from any ready-made spaghetti sauce. Now everyone can cook a good, tasty spaghetti!


Speak your mind here! :]

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