CERPEN, Short story

A Walk to Talk #2

I asked, who are you
She said, I am you
I laughed

She is me?
Good. Be me, please.

Let the things go weird
Even if a ghost crab suddenly dig out the sand
And telling me it is – me
Let it be me because being me – it is tiring

“So, you leave him”
Oh yes, she pinned out the balloon
“But you love him, don’t you?”
I nodded; reassemble the mess sand that I just made
And listened to the wave that keep hitting the beach

Maybe it is the romantic way of wave
To dance on the beach floor
The wave-version of saying I love you or
I’ll be there for you

Starring at the dimmed sun that will be set down in minutes
Remind me of this world
Of the people
of the feelings – of mine
of him, of everything

The fact is – they keep changing
Just like what moon has done to the earth
Seasons, tides, days and nights

She chuckled.

“He really loves the girl”
She voiced out.
This time, I chuckled.
He really is.

I started the walk, wing out my hand for the wind to caress
And so she was, walking side to side
In the same rhythm

I looked at her with the belief – she is me
And saying out the thing I never believe in before
that –
When you love someone, let him live his life

Love is not about being together
It is about giving the happiness to the one you love

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow”
she smiled and walked away from me,
leaving me behind with the cold breeze that embraced me tight

Because I want the flower to grow, so I have to leave
I know sun will shine over it
It will grow, beautifully


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