The Alchemy of Forever


Bought this book way back on March 2013 and finally today I managed to read till the last page. Haha. I don’t know why it took this long for me to read this awesome book, I should read it earlier before! It is too good to be left alone on the book rack.

Okay, this book is about incarnation and immortality – About how love between Cyrus and Seraphina made them alive, young and beautiful. Seraphina lived about six hundred years on earth, stealing different bodies to keep her alive. Until one day, she was tired of killing her hosts and feeling enough of living – she tried to run from Cyrus.

There was when she met Noah.

And things happened  after that were so fascinating, heart-thumping and I was stunned on how well Avery Williams wrote this piece.

Immortality is a science fiction. I believed in another way of immortality. Every one of us shall taste death. Everyone that you love and heart the most – everything – someday you will lose them, physically, literally. How immortal your love is maybe by how you valued your feelings after all what has happened. I should stop now before this rambling prolongs 😀

You should read this book though! Highly recommended. Out of 5, I rated this book as a 4.5!

*it has sequel. I don’t know when on earth I would get the chance to read the sequel.




dalam banyak-banyak memori

kerinduan ini yang mendalam

rindukan angin yang membawa rasa masinnya laut –

rindu untuk mencari titik temu horizon, dan berbisik sendiri bahawa yang dulu-dulunya, langit dan bumi itu satu –

rindu untuk menarik nafas dalam-dalam di tengah lautan –

rindu untuk membuang pasir-pasir yang masuk ke dalam kasut kebal itu –

rindu rasa gembira apabila melihat banyak ikan tersangkut di jaringan –

rindu akan rasa mabuk di tengah laut –

rindu melihat air pasang dan surut –

rindu mengira berapa saat lagi ombak yang seterusnya –

rindu melihat anak-anak ketam yang berlari masuk ke rumahnya –

rindu melihat pasir-pasir yang basah membentuk corak kaki –

dalam banyak-banyak kerinduan, sungguh – laut dan pantai menimbulkan kerinduannya yang tersendiri.

a lame promise (as usual)

I know it had been a long time since I last indulged in blog-posting and writing. This is the longest period I haven’t write anything regardless how heavy the ideas showered down me, I just passed them to the ground. How I wish they will write for themselves and come up to me as a perfect write-up. How I wish all those feelings will automatically turned into a vivid words and sentences, so that I would not have to find the appropriate words to frame them together.

As it is a hopeless dream, so I think it is better for me to start all over again. Now that I have both time and health (two vital commodities that human often take for granted), I will try to write as frequent as possible. Haha (lame promise of Izni, ugh).

So, yesterday I had a short phone interview from a company. A really short one, I should not nervous as much as yesterday! Please pray for the best!

16 Nov. 2014

I can’t controlled my shaking hands and knees, cold seemed to conquer all over my body, I can feel the thumping beats inside the cage – the news is really,really disturbing.

My uncle, he passed away just now. I can still feel his warmth, his jokes, his smiles and the way he always teased me. May Allah showers him with HIS best blessings. May Allah keep his family strong. Ameen.

Day 4

I couldn’t believe that it is starting all over again. My assumptions were all silly and hell incorrect. How could I think it was the end?

But, well – it is okay. I promise that this time, everything wouldn’t be the same like the old times. Everything will be in moderate, and que sera sera, what will be – will be.

So, it is my Day 4 of socialmedia-free life. Now, my ultimate joy goes to GAMES! Haha. I downloaded a bundle of games and now I’m very much emerge into Scramble with Friends! You should try this game and invite me to be your opponent! haha what an addicting game!

and still, reading a lot. Started to kill time between traffic lights by reading instead of scrolling down peoples’ life. Feeling good so far :]


cutting a cardboard into some shapes to make as bookmarks! haha. One of my dreams is to open up a bookmark’s shop. rare,no?

Spaghetti Tomyam


Woke up hungry like a monster. After having five to six crackers with pineapple jam (monster proven!) my mind started to wander around the refri. Nothing much left, just a several sticks of spaghetti, and the lovely veggies that I bought few days ago. No tomato to blend out to make sauce, and glad to see a tomyam paste that my sister brought home few weeks back.

Aha! something delicious in the making. Tomyam paste is like a life jacket – you can always depend on it especially when your monster side shows up. haha. So that is it – Spaghetti Tomyam, with eggs, broccoli, and carrots. No sugar or salt added, just 2 small spoons of chili sauce and some water.

It served the monster well on that morning 😀

Day 2

It is Day 2 of my socialmedia-free life. I had a very less facebook or twitter time, and seldom scrolling down my instagram account in these two days(if any, it consumes shorter time than before). For now, I just left with Whatsapp, WordPress and TwoGrand (my lovely food tracker app – but I didn’t make any friend there haha). I started to ignore some messages that popped out on the Whatsapp and Telegram screen – even when someone that I used to reply-so-quick ; I just start to be an ignorance now. It feels so secure and I have to say that I am free like nothing before. I am by myself – weightless as if as I can fly to the blue-white sky in any moment. I feel that life on-the-line is like a cotton candy. You can feel the joys, but in fact it is a solid loneliness – an empty beautiful vass, a silent reality – it just makes the time flies faster. I started to sleep earlier, have a quality read, and plan for a better time usage.

Feel like I’m shaping my new me. Being a twenty-something is the best moment, you have the energy and the rushing adrenaline – you can achieve what you want if you put enough measure. Do not regret, look forward and love yourself. No one plans a murder out loud,remember? 😀 walking-in-the-rain

Royal lunch


Oatmeal porridge with raisins & steamed mix-veggies

Besides my favourite rewarding-snack Cream-O, this is for me another royal food. My kind of happiness – steamed veggies!

Oh this is the first time I added up zucchini into my meal. I can’t really defined how it tastes, neither sweet nor sour – more like a tasteless cucumber.

Not bad, happy me!

So called – selfish


For she is a selfish human being, care about nobody but herself  – it is good for people to think twice (or thrice) before falling for her. You will hardly draw a circle around her. No matter how you madly demand her existence, she is still a girl who loves her books more, and her own space and privacy.

Next time, think again before you build a future plan with her -so that you won’t get hurt because selfish people is cruel and often annoy the universe and everything inside it.

Now – see, what she had done to you.