Day 2

It is Day 2 of my socialmedia-free life. I had a very less facebook or twitter time, and seldom scrolling down my instagram account in these two days(if any, it consumes shorter time than before). For now, I just left with Whatsapp, WordPress and TwoGrand (my lovely food tracker app – but I didn’t make any friend there haha). I started to ignore some messages that popped out on the Whatsapp and Telegram screen – even when someone that I used to reply-so-quick ; I just start to be an ignorance now. It feels so secure and I have to say that I am free like nothing before. I am by myself – weightless as if as I can fly to the blue-white sky in any moment. I feel that life on-the-line is like a cotton candy. You can feel the joys, but in fact it is a solid loneliness – an empty beautiful vass, a silent reality – it just makes the time flies faster. I started to sleep earlier, have a quality read, and plan for a better time usage.

Feel like I’m shaping my new me. Being a twenty-something is the best moment, you have the energy and the rushing adrenaline – you can achieve what you want if you put enough measure. Do not regret, look forward and love yourself. No one plans a murder out loud,remember? 😀 walking-in-the-rain


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