Spaghetti Tomyam


Woke up hungry like a monster. After having five to six crackers with pineapple jam (monster proven!) my mind started to wander around the refri. Nothing much left, just a several sticks of spaghetti, and the lovely veggies that I bought few days ago. No tomato to blend out to make sauce, and glad to see a tomyam paste that my sister brought home few weeks back.

Aha! something delicious in the making. Tomyam paste is like a life jacket – you can always depend on it especially when your monster side shows up. haha. So that is it – Spaghetti Tomyam, with eggs, broccoli, and carrots. No sugar or salt added, just 2 small spoons of chili sauce and some water.

It served the monster well on that morning 😀


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