The Alchemy of Forever


Bought this book way back on March 2013 and finally today I managed to read till the last page. Haha. I don’t know why it took this long for me to read this awesome book, I should read it earlier before! It is too good to be left alone on the book rack.

Okay, this book is about incarnation and immortality – About how love between Cyrus and Seraphina made them alive, young and beautiful. Seraphina lived about six hundred years on earth, stealing different bodies to keep her alive. Until one day, she was tired of killing her hosts and feeling enough of living – she tried to run from Cyrus.

There was when she met Noah.

And things happened  after that were so fascinating, heart-thumping and I was stunned on how well Avery Williams wrote this piece.

Immortality is a science fiction. I believed in another way of immortality. Every one of us shall taste death. Everyone that you love and heart the most – everything – someday you will lose them, physically, literally. How immortal your love is maybe by how you valued your feelings after all what has happened. I should stop now before this rambling prolongs 😀

You should read this book though! Highly recommended. Out of 5, I rated this book as a 4.5!

*it has sequel. I don’t know when on earth I would get the chance to read the sequel.


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