My jaw dropped when I failed in multiple attempts to log in this blog account. 2 weeks plus without any entry update, felt like I’d never own one. haha. And finally, somehow I typed something that was popped in my memory (that maybe,maybe it could be the password) and yeah! Here I am. (I don’t know what the password I typed, glad that I ticked the ‘remember me’ box so that I wouldn’t have to type the password again).

Oldness proven? Hell yes. Some of my memories (password especially) seemed to be destroyed earlier than it supposes to! What is going on? Or blame not aging process, maybe it has something to do with my neuron,somewhere at the frontal lobe.heh

Okay. Enough of that.

It has been one month and seventeen days since I graduated and still unemployed. Been through a lot of job applications, some rejections, some halfway succeeds and my faith is still the same. I won’t give up that easy, I know some people get hired after one to two years of graduating. So, no problem. As long as we keep on trying and hoping, someday a good news may hit you.

Rather than finding a part-time job, I started up some small businesses. Shawls is the main one followed by food and beverages. Car-boot sale! I just love this idea, really! It is fun to meet random people, talking to the customers, and I’m now understand this saying – “when you love the job, you didn’t feel tired – you enjoyed doing it”.

Oh, we sisters yang punya plan since all of us are now home and all the minds think alike. Business! We dreamed of food truck one fine day, and I can’t stop thinking about it every time before I fall asleep. From the food truck concept, the possible name, the menus, and the dream goes on. I was once googled up for any food truck/mobile kitchen that’s availabe for sale, and guess what? it is about eighteen thousands ringgit! Then, I stopped googling and muhasabah kejap. Haha.

I think, it must be interesting to record the journey of us. All these plans and activities make our bond stronger,and yeah it is much more easier (and fun too!) to work with our own siblings and family.

the shawls, running online. @closetbyher
the weirdest things I ever tried haha. fun!
one of the menus. Popia!

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