Sakinah, the cutest

One day after so many days, Sakinah (matriculation’s partner in crime) sent me something via Whatsapp and I kind of can’t stop smiling for the whole day. For the record, it made my day and memories by memories showed up virtually in my mind.

Haha. This is real funny!

It was 3 years ago! When my handwriting was terribly terrible and not to forget my noble ambition was to be an obstetrician (Thanks God I didn’t  be one). I remembered one of the love-shaped-paperclips I usually made for her and she keep all of them in a good place. This is such an honour for me and who said “friendship forever” doesn’t exist? She’s even remember of every motivational quotes I’d ever said.

That’s too cute, Sakinah!

4 days more is your birthday and 3 days after that is mine. Don’t you think it’s why we are so close together? It must be a destiny. Haha. So, happy birthday in advance, sis! Just stay the way you are and have a blast day!

Know that I’ll always love and support you :]


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