A Short Escapism [Melaka – KL – Cameron Highland]

Okay, here it is. Some short-pictured-story-update about the awesome trip. Had so much fun since that was my first time joining a vacation trip with my family after four to five years of ketinggalan. Haha. Even it is not an abroad trips like they had during my absences, it’s okay. We had a lot of fun though.

It is a trip by mom’s school staffs and due to the cheap trip fees, apa lagi? We joined lah.

The most exciting part of course, at the Cameron Highland! I imagined every single bits of Kundasang all the way there. haha. My last trip here was about 7 years ago and yes, it is true Cameron Highland is not as cold as before.

On top of that, it is a great trip!


Entered this, it was fascinating since I am obsess with honey. Surprised to see their ‘honey collection’ – each of them have their own function like Propolis Honey is for sore throat and cough. I wish to have all types of the honey at my home later! heh


at MARDI Cameron Highland. It is a big institute I told you! If I am a plant science student, I swear to apply some jobs in there.


Lavendar at MARDI


Well, still at MARDI. It is a big garden and here we are – the girls and mom. They said four of us is like sibling. couldn’t agree more! haha. seemed alike.


broccoli hunting! It is much much more fresh and cheap. How I wish to live there for the broccoli sake.


highland is strawberry-land.


the lavendar garden! Couldn’t believe my eyes, they are all beautiful.


an elegant red flower. Kalau boleh semua gambar bunga nak close-up

dah kenapa gembira sangat. haha

dah kenapa gembira sangat. haha


another flower. My proud photographic art 😛


and the always- beautiful mom :]


Kind of guilty for enjoying this since our Kelantanese (and some more affected states) friends are struggling to live from the dreadful flood. May Allah grants us patience and strength to face all this tests.

*start to make my detox water for the over-eating along the trip. :\ This time, I can add-on some strawberries! Can’t wait to see how it tastes.


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