turn 22!

30 December, the date is coming again.

Sometimes, part of me hope that the date wouldn’t come too fast so that I won’t receive any birthday wish or the party that was (secretly) organised just to celebrate my birthdate. I’m not used to be a main attention – I don’t know how to react when people keep on showering me with those wishes and songs. I would rather be alone and live life as usual. It is the biggest party for me, an introvert. haha!

But well, my university years changed the way the date is celebrated. The two comrades always plan something surprising for me, every years without fail. From the midnight-cake to climb up my room-window whenever it was locked and the climax was last year when they gathered most of my classmates in a room just to have some food-fiesta just for my birthday! haha, I told them I don’t like surprise. But things went well, I was happy, we were.

Today – it’s again. I don’t know why I come to miss the moment. I miss how they tricked me on the day even I told them not to celebrate anything. I miss how they called me a young sister (a baby!), for a late-born me, how they wished I would turn mature haha (I think I would never turn out to be one?).

Now, feel a little awkward of not having them around on this date. It’s a boring day I would say. Anyway, thanks for the wishes and happy birthday to me! 😀

the comrades. haha so innocent time ni 😛

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