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Back then in my childhood times, I was used to write my new year’s goals in my little diary. I grew up being ambitious, writing diary at the end of the day, and reflect upon a small thing. I still remember how alive I felt during those times. I am that ugly kid who doesn’t care about anybody else but herself, her goals and ambitions – her passions. And the kid is never disappeared. It is still inside me, the part of me that won’t vanished away.

So, well, it is a brand new year! Today’s morning read was fascinating. It is about “why we meant to meet or know someone”. Do you believe that there is no accident in life? Either the person you met and things happened to you, it wasn’t an accident at all. It was meant to be, for a purpose – – for a reason. Every single person that “fall” in front of you, is somehow has a role in your life, be it big or small, or with you realise or not. They hold several values in your life. Some will hurt, betray and make you cry and little that you know you’ll become stronger than ever. Some people came to your life, teaching you a lesson – for you to realise your mistakes and help you grow wiser. Some will just simply be there for you, inspire, befriend and love you unconditionally just to make you happy, feeling whole and complete again. Life,after all is a process. Turn it into a beautiful process :]

New year’s goals. Despite of having a list of goals for the whole year, I preferred a daily goal concept. It is more vibrant and refreshing! Everytime you wake up in  the morning, be clear of what is your mission for the day/ week /month.Seek for the motivations, kick out the negative vibes, and believe in your self.

It is JanYOUary. This is your month, your year. The best is yet to come!

happy beautiful friday 😀



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