Things learned from Korean (Insight : Food)

Woke up today with the muscle sores, barely walk normally. I think some veins on my feet were switched to another wrong position. Lesson learned. Should be more alert whenever I do something, and never anggap myself as an anti-sakit. After all, you live in an ordinary human body with a lot of pain receptors, Izni. Ditch out your fantasy of being a super-anti-pain-extraordinary human. 😛

To the main topic we go.

I remembered watching some Korean drama few times ago and I noticed how they eat their food. They eat rice as we Malaysian do, but why we couldn’t be like Korean? I mean from the fitness level, obesity index, productivity and so on. I wonder why Korean look beautiful and most of them are fit! (having normal BMI), while we Malaysian, most of us are fat! Having excess weight is not healthy. It is the ultimate truth beside the “takpa gemuk pun, asalkan sihat, takdak penyakit” mantra. Little that you know that being fat itself is a hidden disease and could invite a tonne more diseases like cardio disease, gout, diabetes, and whatnot.

Well, come the hardest part. How to lose weight?

Losing weight is easy – for certain people who naturally or genetically own the ‘losing weight fast’ trait. Some are just eating like horse but never in the world had they put on weight (I wonder why! This is not fair -_-).

What I’ve learned from Korean is always about the portion size. And vegetables and vegetable.oh ya, and vegetables too. Haha. Yeah they adore rice (like we’re!) but we didn’t adore veggies. We didn’t adore the right portion, we chose large portion because it makes us feeling full. They eat rice, rolled by seaweed – kimchi – but we mixed our rice with oily sambal, fried chicken and 3 pieces of cucumbers. And because of the calories is entah apa-apa, we tend to feel hungry again in less than 2 hours. Then that’s the time when we started to consume snacks that full with MSG, carbonated drink, and any other fast foods to heal our cravings.

To lose weight, cut out any sugary (additive) food, eat according to your calorie needed, watch what you eat and always drink a lot of plain water. Drink like hell as much as possible (minimum – 2L) to activate your detox process.

Either you’re Korean or Malaysian – if you didn’t watch what you eat, neglect the nutritional needed in your body- the result is the same wherever you live on the planet.

And how I wish to be a nutritionist. Found myself indulged in the the science of food. It is beautiful if we understand what is the right food for our body,isn’t? May we’re keener in maintaining our health!

Till then. It is raining outside. 2015’s second rain! 😀


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