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Who needs a FREE 2015 planner?

It is 9th January 2015.

Perhaps it is not too late to own a planner for this whole year. I meditated in front of my note book and was about to create my own handmade planner, thinking of how could I do that (hopeless creative me) – and out of sudden, my sister said “You can get it online though! You can get everything online nowadays.” And I was like, really? Even the annual planner?!

And I started to search for it online, be it whatever themes and sizes you want – yes there are thousands of that. After a series of extreme rambang mata , finally, I decided to choose a free (don’t you love free stuffs!) and cute planner from this blog. Since it is printable, so I printed all the months’ sheet and glued them in my note book. You can always style it with your own creativity like putting each of the month inside a clear transparent file,binding them together with a ring etc. Since I am not really used to write the planner thingy, so maybe this is the time for me to write a detail plan of the day and be more systematic, and productive too!

p/s : check out Pinterest too. They got a lot (I mean a lot!) of creative, unique and beautiful free planner. Happy planning!


“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”



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