mini reunion

It was a great mini reunion for us. I seldom love reunion, but this time, it’s different. It is Fiqah and Denah, my favourite kids! haha. I can see their excited faces too, I think we’ve missed each other so much, no? 😛 Nisah has started her instant shawl business and asked for my help to photoshoot her as model. haha it’s funny how I suddenly became a photographer that asked her to do this and that, this angle, those lighting etc. I was just trying my best. Good for her to start the business. She even gave me a baby tomato tree (which I’m not sure how to take a good care of it haha). Thanks anyway, it would be my first time handling plant.

When mom knew they pursue their master studies, she keep asking me to do the same. I know it is easy for me to do master degree at the place, all I need to do is just contact with a particular supervisor and if it’s accepted, then that’s it. I know it is easy but the thing is..I don’t feel like to do master for now.

or should I? I don’t know what I want now. Seemed like I don’t want anything. Is this a waste of time? I mean, this period – of uncertainty is it a waste of time? Am I a plain fool?

urgh. I wonder why I grew up this fast. I wanna be a kid, who doesn’t have any idea about this confusing world except her playground, and sleep time.

– –

anyway, thanks for the chocolate and cheese cakes! (sumpah sedap). Thanks for the tomato tree (let see how long its life span :D) thanks for the great times :]


good good mates



at our photoshoot ground. Nyamuk is everywhere >.<



not bad kann my photoshoot skill. haha. (muntah) Hope your business grows well 😀



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