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The (bloody) interview

Finally, Eric contacted me. He is a kind, very soft spoken guy who assisted me through all the interview session two weeks ago. It was my first time experiencing a professional interview..

and it was a failure. I failed.

Disappointed? Uhm, a little bit – because I thought it was easy. It was unexpected that they focused on the scientific names and microbiology kind of thing. Almost everything were answered confidently with the art of lies, suggesting, and hoping they could be somehow true. haha. Serve you right, Izni. You should not skip Microb’s class too often back then in your degree study. But seriously, I hate Microbiology.

I was confused with this damned puzzle. Seemed like its not going anywhere – and despite of all those shitty feelings, I was finally managed to be positive. I have to stay positive, come rain or shine. Positive thing always comes from positive thinking, isn’t?

On the another hand, it is good that I failed the interview. I heard the job tasks are quite tough and if I was accepted, I will have to do manly chores. Working under the hot sun, handling some heavy equipments and of course doing Microb’s thing which I have to re-review all the topics and procedures that I’d ‘missed’ during the class. God loves me, HE won’t let me suffer :]

I grew more positive today. Weird that positivity comes after receiving the negative result,huh? I know this is all Allah’s plans. As HE knows the best while I (we are) DON’T, I believe the best is yet to come.

Activate Plan B, try and pray harder. I must stay strong and be positive. Believe in the law of attraction.

Till then. It was too late, I seldom stay up late at night after my study years. May tomorrow be better than today. Alhamdulillah for everything.



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