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How I recovered from a serious acne problem?

Hello FABruary! It’s a very early morning for me to wake up typing like this. Today is my first day of work! Forcing my self to wake up from the cosy bed, I switched on the water heater and prepared my morning drink. It’s either hot lemon water or a solution of honey,apple cider vinegar and pomegranate patty. Today, I chose the second drink since I bought a new wild honey yesterday. Not a single perfect morning go without the drink. Just like some people waking up searching for their aromatic white coffee – – it’s my ultimate ‘coffee’.

So, well, before the sun rise further up, I feel like wanna share something. Few days ago when I met most of my aunties and cousins, they keep asking my why my face looks better. I mean, I had a serious acne problem back then in my university years especially during the thesis writing period. It was my darkest experience ever. Ever! It was terrible! I had my lowest self-esteem at the moment.

Then, after everything was settled (I don’t know my thesis could be that ‘threatening’ haha) I return home with those extreme skin problem. I started to search for the cure.

So, here is what I did, until now :

1. Search for a less-chemical facial wash

Although the chemical-full facial wash offers a faster result in healing acne and skin problem, trust me, it’s never good for our skin. Mom asked me to use Nourain Skincare’s facial wash and the result was amazing. It takes about two weeks for those ‘wild’ acne to settle down, They were getting smaller and lesser, thanks Lord! I need back my self-esteem. Nourain Skincare has a good facial wash with less chemical. I didn’t apply moisturizer or any night cream.

2. Eating habit

This a vital one. Take less oily food. More veggies. Drink more water.

3. Detox

I used to drink green tea a lot! It’s good to detox our body, and well, it has something to do with metabolism thingy (useful for weight loss too!). When you have less toxic in your body, your skin will get better.Lemon is another good detox drink.Drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning or you can replace it with apple cider vinegar. When our inner body system is healthy, it reflects on our skin. Well, my face problem get better in about 4 weeks time.

4. Facial scrub

After my acne was recovered for about 80%, I’m used to scrub my face with green tea. Yes, you read it right. I used green tea as my facial scrub and couldn’t help myself from falling in love with the remedy. It soothes your skin, fights blemishes and so many more.  Do not throw out your old tea bag after used. You’ll regret it. 😛

Sometimes, I don’t need any soapy facial wash when I have green tea. It is a good facial wash replacement too.

5. Facial Toner

Apple cider vinegar is the best toner on earth. Mix up 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of clean water. How it works on skin? Google them up, I have to get ready for work 😀

If there is an advice I could give to those who faces skin problem, it is just be positive. Do not stress because things get worsen when you’re stress.

Go natural, ditch out the artificial chemical facial skincare.




2 thoughts on “How I recovered from a serious acne problem?

  1. Helpful post 😀 Im glad your acne is now gone 🙂 stay healthy
    Hi 🙂
    Please check out my blog & facebook page if you want 🙂 You can also join me on bloglovin.Thank you so much.It means a lot. And you have a really nice blog 🙂 Best wishes
    Happy blogging

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