He’s leaving

I could not imagine of losing Kenny.

He is leaving on this coming 15th. For the record, he is the first one who taught me directly about being positive. We talked about life so much, humans’ behaviour, the psychological responses, not narrowing down just in sale-world, but in a huge, unexpected aspect. I am in with his way of thinking, and the way he looks differently on something. If more people like him on this earth, I can’t imagine how peaceful and easy this world would be.

Yesterday marked my first sale! Total up about RM 138. After every sale I made, Kenny gave ‘a talk’ for about an hour. hahaha. The topic was ranging from a tiniest principle of making sale to the various depth of human behavioural. I was thinking, when this guy will stop talking?

But I love listening to him.

Just as him knew what I was thinking, he said ” You tau tak, kerja dalam sale line ni..kunci dia ialah jangan berhenti bercakap. No matter what. You boleh takde tangan, kaki, tapi yang penting you mesti ada satu mulut. Kecuali kalau you memang takde mulut lah”, he giggled.

That guy will be leaving..I could not imagine..


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