Now I can breathe. What a hectic week I’ve been through. Working is tiring I tell you. Although you’re doing the things you love, you are still a human body that reflexes upon stress and other stimulus.

I thought it is easy to continue writing even I’m working. Hell no, it isn’t easy at all. I couldn’t remember when was my last time updating my progressing novel. It has been left dusty for too long. Or maybe being a novelist exists just in my wild dream, I don’t know.

Today is exactly two weeks of working. I’ve been traveled this far and I think I’m doing much better than my first day. When I left today, both Kenny and Beh were half-awake (they’re enjoying the massage chairs!) and I stepped out silently, leaving a short good bye’s notes on Kenny’s beg. I glanced at Kenny, just to scan his face so that I won’t forget him easily. He taught me a lot along these two weeks. When I asked him what is his future plan, he said he wanna open a kedai kopi. All the best for you :]

Kenny said he trust me. He said just do what I want and worry not about the outcomes. Whatever happens, just get through it as life has never stop. Just keep on walking. If you didn’t get what you want, at least you gain some experiences.

Few hours after lunch hour, a girl walked in asking about the vacancy stated in front of the outlet. I passed to Beh and I don’t know why, I kind of jealous (?). I know there’s a high tendency for her getting the job, I hope my nonsense-crazy feeling fades off. If she managed to pass the interview, I wish to be as Kenny, teaching her like Kenny teached me.

Dayah and Jammie wanna resign. I wonder who else could be my friends there.


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