Plain man

You made this extraordinary things and you feel like wanna tell the whole world, you wanna share the story with your nearest person. But sadly enough, the person isn’t response up to your expectation. And you will feel like..  “Really? For God sake, try to say something..”


That was what happened today. I made a nearly-four-thousands sale and I waited for Beh to start his shift to tell the amazing story. It was my first time kot! So he came. With a red shirt on (where on earth was his uniform?). So I told him, with shining face. He was listening, smiling wide too, but that was it. Ended. I stopped in the middle of the story and I told him I wanna have a lunch.

Haha. Dissappointing Beh. I can imagine if Kenny was still here. He’s more responsive.

I guess man would always be like that. They always acting plain.

Wait until I return home. Mom would give the-expected-response and adik too. They will exaggerate and excited more than I was. Haha.


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