Falling in love #1

For me, falling in love is easy. But to stay with the love, it does takes one’s gut.

When I decided that love is a weird, universal entity, I started to fall in love about hundred times a day. I fall in love again and again with different people. Multiple times.

I fell for that young guy who sang on the street. I think he’s about the same age with me but seemed more matured in his own way. His own charming way. His voice was angelic and what made me fell for him was of course – his smiling eyes. He glanced and smiled to me. Felt like he sang just for me. In a middle of rushing citizens he sang for me!

And then I blinked.

There’s no way he could notice me. I continue to walk and forget the fact that I just fell in love with someone stranger.

Who knows if his wife was at home, preparing dinner when he returned later.

He walked beside me twice after he performed, but I was just too numb to even offered a fake smile.

I still remember his face. If by any mean, he walk beside me again, I would greet him and say that his voice is great.

*that is one out of my many falling-in-love encounters*



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