Eating disorder

One week in a month, I had a serious eating disorder. You know. Bad craving. This time, it’s worsen. I ate everything existed in my kitchen’s home after returned from work at night. After everything was stuffed in, I went to sleep.

Usually, I craved for carbs like potatoes and rices (and more rices), MSG things included junk foods and ice creams. Those years in UNIMAS, when I had this kind of disorder, I texted Denah to cure my bad craving. The solution was of course, on the top of the lists – rent a car and eating out. I was eating like a horse.

Second choice was usually considered when we were kind of broke – we walked to Seven Eleven during midnight and ate a cup of maggi, some biscuits, chocolates, potatoe chips, you name it. We chatted around while eating, sometimes we laid down on those hard bricks and stared at the stars on the sky.

Most of the time, I regreted all my doings about overeating. But I couldn’t do anything about it. It’s a hormonal demand. Haha. No, I’m serious. Can’t  wait to see myself as a normal one again. I couldn’t imagine how many pounds I had gained these days.


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