No morning rushing

The Mall was half-awake when I stepped in.

Today, I was earlier than ever before. I took my eyes off when I passed by the pastri shop. I was dreadfully in love with breads and pastries that I couldn’t stare any longer at those lovely cutie pies. So, I walked up the escalators. I must recover from the hell craving.

Sweat was less. No morning rushing, breakfast was had calmly, lemon water was successfully injected in, had some times smiling in front of the mirror (self therapy, you should try it every morning) and even watching “The Magic of Science”!. This is the starting day of my two-days-of- full-shift working hours and I’m ready for it.

I don’t know what is the reaction of Beh if he knows the key that he gave me was now lost! I said that the key was left at home and he gave me another one. I hope I could make some time to duplicate the key or else I’m dead! Anyway, I have a good feeling today. Just the same feeling as the day when I made 4k’s sale. Keep positive insyaAllah. Pray for me 🙂


Also work on our new signature shawl collection. They are lovely told ya!


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