It’s a hot holiday

I do not have any idea how much is sea level rising by now because it is too hot outside. World is getting terribly hot and dry day by day. Since today is my off day, I’ve got some things to settle which required me to drive to the middle of the town. With all the courage, I had to bear the killing, dazzling hot sun, and I was sweating like I was under a shower! I could pass out from the heat.

So, I rushed back home after everything was settled. Got a message from Nisah, confirming about our videography appointment. This time, she asked my help for making a video for her business. I’m not really pro about making a good video, hope I wouldn’t disappoint her. She told me she will give me a free shawl, appreciating my ‘behind the scene’ involvement. haha. She really take this too seriously, I had never expect any gift from her. But well, it is good to get some free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff?). At least, I can add it to my shawl collections 😀

I hope the sun could ‘cool down’ just a little bit, giving a way for us to record the video and whatnot. It would be an interesting evening if the weather are nice and windy, and we could also have a short sharing and discussion about the businesses.

I was thinking about having an instagram account for fitness purposes. Actually, a lot of things are going on in my mind about the idea of fitness. One of them is getting a certificate of professional wellness coach (or nutritionist/ dietitian) in the future; so that I can carry out some activities or maybe managing a small fitness centre? or healthy food bistro? hmm. Interesting huh? Thinking about it alone makes me feel high. That’s all I wanna do in my life. Helping peoples to motivate themselves towards a better living.

Refrigerator Oatmeal (an overnight breakfast)

Well, it is a peaceful morning since I didn’t have to rush preparing my breakfast. I am a breakfast person, by hook or by crook I memang nak makan pagi bagi kenyang so that I won’t even thinking to snack before lunch time.

After the glory oatmeal pancake (gluten- free) that I used to make maybe for the hundredth time ( 😛 ), now the turn has come to the refrigerator oatmeal! The very first time I tried was without yogurt and milk – so the oat textures was kind of glumpy and hard. But still, no problem..the taste wasn’t disappointing   ( I made apple, cinnamon flavor).

So, yesterday I bought a bottle of skim milk and fresh yogurt. Besides their creamy and tasteful properties, they contained a good amount of protein, calcium and  vitamins. Above all, they make you full!

My apple, cinnamon overnight oatmeal. Without milk or yogurt.

And below is with milk and yogurt. See the difference of the textures? Lots more creamy!

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Overnight breakfast – refrigerator oatmeal :

1/2 cup oat
1/3 cup skim milk
1/3 cup fresh yogurt / Greek Yogurt
A sprinkle of ground cinnamon
A dash of honey (optional – any sweetener you prefer)

And the fruit filling or nutty toppings is all up to your favor.

Put them in a jar/ container/ glass and keep it in your refrigerator overnight.

Happy breakfast!

* It’s not weird at all having a cold oat for breakfast mind you 😀 *

Oatmeal facial cleanser. Yes. Oatmeal.

I’ve been obsessed with oatmeal and few days ago I discovered a lot of oatmeal recipes. Why people had never tell me that oatmeal isn’t necessarily to be eaten?

So here it is. Oatmeal can act as a brilliant face cleanser/mask/scrub. I chose to make it as a facial cleanser and guess whatt? It is so soft and milky. Found a bunch of good recipes but I decided to make it in my own way 😀

So, I blended a half cup of oatmeal with green tea (a teabag) – You can blend it with anything you love (that good for your skin and health). Chamomile, vanila extract, honey, you name it. Prior use, put some water until the powder turns into liquid and massage all over your face.

It is so simple and totally inexpensive. Pack of nutrients too.


* I’ve bought a cup of fresh yogurt and a bottle of skim milk. I’ve tried to do the refrigerator oatmeal. Let see if I have some times to update how it goes tomorrow.

Maybe black bean is what you need


Realising that it was hard to achieve my protein goal in my everyday meal, I’ve been searching for a good meat replacement. After a tonne of searchings and readings, it is confirmed that black bean is actually a good protein source together with a bunch more legumes and lentils. Well, it is mind-blowing that those humble beans is actually full of good-for-you ingredients. So, I bought a pack of organic black bean.

image When it comes to the bean prep, to soak or not has created a massive struggle and discussion. Haha. Read about the pros and cons of soaking the beans overnight (to soften and reduce the time cooking) and I..well lazy people won’t soak it beforehand. Supporting that, actually soaking the beans would lead to the flavor leakage. And the nutrients inside it will somehow drained off. So, for the beans to be cooked, it takes about 3 hours (or more) especially when they’re not soaked overnight. Gosh! Patience counts here.

So that was it. My through-out-the-day meal is the salsa. Or salad.

Recipe :

– Make black bean done first (Boil with water and taste it in the meantime). When it tastes soft and starchy then it’s ready.

 – Steam all the veggies (I used broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, carrots, pineapple) and cut the tomato into small chunks.

– Sauté some diced onions and a crunched garlic with olive oil

– Put in pineapple to enhance the flavor

– Mix everything together.

And seasoning is totally up to you. Mine was olive oil, salt and pepper, a dash of ground cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice at the end. One thing about including bean in your meal is that you will feel fuller. So, you can avoid yourself from snacking rubbish between the meals. Bingo!

Budget resolution


One of my resolutions is to keep track my savings, monthly and daily budgets.

Mom always said that working is not easy. I know, what she meant was actually in earning money. And I couldn’t agree more. Now I know both working and earning wasn’t easy at all. It is the time when you should take everything like damned seriously. But thinking the Hubbard’s  saying of “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive” made me sit back and breath. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, huh?

Even though my monthly salary reached 1K plus,  which is quite promising for unmarried, living in parents’ house but you know..this demanding millenia offers nothing free.

I always remember this (and you should  too) – no matter how much or less you earn, not everything is yours. Give some (with intention of sedeqah) to the needs, parents, families, or friends. With that, semoga rezeki kita sentiasa murah dan berkat walaupun tidak semewah mana.

Selamat pulang

Matahari suram-suram sahaja pagi ini. Langit membiru lembut, diselangi warna merah jingga di hujung ufuk. Burung-burung terbang rendah;bawah – sana sini seperti tiada arah. Khabar yang tokwan kembali kepada-NYA – pada hari ini – Jumaat penuh barakah sesekali mengubat hati lara saya. Paling tidak, arwah punya keistimewaan sendiri kerana pulang pada hari terpilih ini. Semoga Allah memberkahi arwah dan menempatkanya dalam kalangan hamba-NYA yang beriman dan bertakwa.