Shit happens #1

28 Feb 2015

Beh was finally returned after two days off, leaving me alone handling everything. From the sales invoice to the daily report sales, sometimes I was confused with the system. Most of the time, I just did whatever I thought was right. That two days were horrible and tiring like hell. Glad that I’m alive now.

When he came, he checked on the invoices, computer bills and not long after that, I heard a sigh. A heavy sigh from him and looked like he was in a confuse state. Anger. That was what I saw on his face. He said I wrongly key in the product code and now it was all messed up. How on freaking earth I know what the code was? He never told me exactly what was the code. He just asked me to settle the computer bills and the sales of the day. Maybe I looked so talented that he thought I can handle everything like a pro after 3 weeks of working.

He nagged about my fault. Saying again and again how terrible and troublesome the mess that I made. I know it was troublesome but it wasn’t totally my fault! He left me whenever I need a guidance in this such early stage. I just hate that guy. Like really.

I’m not saying sorry. I mean, I had a little attention to say sorry but it stopped in my mind. I don’t know why but saying sorry seemed difficult for me these days.

After my long silence, I headed to the toilet. My eyes were nonsense-ly teary.  I still remember his fierce-hateful expression. I tried to hold back the tears but failed. Can’t believe I cried because of my stupidity. Felt like a plain idiot whenever I made a mistake.

I am strong and never easy to cry, but when I faced someone who blew his anger to me, I just feel like..ugh I hate that. I’m not used with anger. Why don’t he say properly and teach me again what should I do? That showed how little-minded he was.


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