One month transformation

As I looked back my phone gallery few months ago, I just felt like wanna jump high to the sky. Hahaha let me show you this ultimate glory (for me) –


The left picture was taken back at the end of Dec 2014. Baru habis grad, dan jiwa raga happy tak ingat dunia.  Tambah abah rajin masak sedap-sedap. Haha I don’t know how much I weighed   because stepping on scale was something scary during that time. But I know I was changing. I grew bigger.

Then, I started to do few things. One step at a time and I really see some changes day by day.

The right pic was on Feb 2015 when I was just started work and perhaps having not enough time to enjoy abah’s food made me shrink a lil bit? O_O

On top of that, below is what I did :

– Morning drink : warm lemon water / apple cider vinegar + pomegranate patty + honey

– Green tea (2 Litres)

– Plain water (2 Litres) and when masa mengizinkan, I drank up again 2 Litres. So, kadang-kadang my total water intake was 6 litres. I wonder when I would be able to drink up to 8 litres, or maybe 10? Hahah gila.

– exercise (home-based) i.e rope skipping, zumba everyday. If I was too tired, I just skipped the exercise and watch what I’m eating properly.

– Maximise veggies and true foods. Watch the meal portion. Make health food fun! Healthy foods are not necessarily boring and tasteless.

Perhaps the most important advise in making transformation is just love yourself. Choose your food wisely and sleep earlier.

Good luck! Stay young ♡


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