(Home-made) Ice cream that makes you scream!


Takut nak makan ais krim sebab worry of its sugar level? Spoil your diet programme?

Worry not! This recipe gonna make you guiltless when enjoying an ice cream, even on your non-cheat day. haha. here it goes :

1. Put 2 bananas (serving portion of 3 peoples) into your freezer until they froze – recommended: overnight.

2. Peel and blend the frozen bananas until it forms a soft, and creamy texture. You may add some waters in case blender tersekat. If you own an ice blender, I swear it would be great!

Topping is optional. Mine, it was pomegranate patty and apa entah yang warna warni tu (picture). Dengan patty yang masam-masam sikit, plus sweetness of banana – what a great healthy ice cream!

You should try it like right now.


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