Over calories


My eating habit is weird. My way of cooking..it needs someone who really tough to finish till the end.Today’s lunch wasn’t too much. Just a bunch of steamed veggies and some normally (Thank God!) grilled chickens. Couldn’t remember when was the last time I had that size of chicken.

The other day, I brunched with a pan of veggies. Yes you read it right. A pan. A full pan of veggies. I don’t know when it started but I am madly in love with steamed veggies. I, who wasn’t a real fan of raw tomato – now buying a lot of  tomatoes. I love tomatoes. So I called the day as “The day I love tomato”. And it reminds me of Shane’s poem of “Tomatoes”.

Okay. Okay. Enough of it. Actually, I remembered something that I read on an article when I had a bowl or two of veggies. About the calories value.

It would never be the same if you overtake calories from vegetables and fruits compared to that from pasta, rice or dessert. The way they react inside your body system is surely would make some differences in every possible aspects. It’s okay to overtake calories in a day, depends on the origin of the calorie.

Get what I mean?


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