Maybe black bean is what you need


Realising that it was hard to achieve my protein goal in my everyday meal, I’ve been searching for a good meat replacement. After a tonne of searchings and readings, it is confirmed that black bean is actually a good protein source together with a bunch more legumes and lentils. Well, it is mind-blowing that those humble beans is actually full of good-for-you ingredients. So, I bought a pack of organic black bean.

image When it comes to the bean prep, to soak or not has created a massive struggle and discussion. Haha. Read about the pros and cons of soaking the beans overnight (to soften and reduce the time cooking) and I..well lazy people won’t soak it beforehand. Supporting that, actually soaking the beans would lead to the flavor leakage. And the nutrients inside it will somehow drained off. So, for the beans to be cooked, it takes about 3 hours (or more) especially when they’re not soaked overnight. Gosh! Patience counts here.

So that was it. My through-out-the-day meal is the salsa. Or salad.

Recipe :

– Make black bean done first (Boil with water and taste it in the meantime). When it tastes soft and starchy then it’s ready.

 – Steam all the veggies (I used broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, carrots, pineapple) and cut the tomato into small chunks.

– Sauté some diced onions and a crunched garlic with olive oil

– Put in pineapple to enhance the flavor

– Mix everything together.

And seasoning is totally up to you. Mine was olive oil, salt and pepper, a dash of ground cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice at the end. One thing about including bean in your meal is that you will feel fuller. So, you can avoid yourself from snacking rubbish between the meals. Bingo!


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