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Oatmeal facial cleanser. Yes. Oatmeal.

I’ve been obsessed with oatmeal and few days ago I discovered a lot of oatmeal recipes. Why people had never tell me that oatmeal isn’t necessarily to be eaten?

So here it is. Oatmeal can act as a brilliant face cleanser/mask/scrub. I chose to make it as a facial cleanser and guess whatt? It is so soft and milky. Found a bunch of good recipes but I decided to make it in my own way 😀

So, I blended a half cup of oatmeal with green tea (a teabag) – You can blend it with anything you love (that good for your skin and health). Chamomile, vanila extract, honey, you name it. Prior use, put some water until the powder turns into liquid and massage all over your face.

It is so simple and totally inexpensive. Pack of nutrients too.


* I’ve bought a cup of fresh yogurt and a bottle of skim milk. I’ve tried to do the refrigerator oatmeal. Let see if I have some times to update how it goes tomorrow.


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