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Refrigerator Oatmeal (an overnight breakfast)

Well, it is a peaceful morning since I didn’t have to rush preparing my breakfast. I am a breakfast person, by hook or by crook I memang nak makan pagi bagi kenyang so that I won’t even thinking to snack before lunch time.

After the glory oatmeal pancake (gluten- free) that I used to make maybe for the hundredth time ( 😛 ), now the turn has come to the refrigerator oatmeal! The very first time I tried was without yogurt and milk – so the oat textures was kind of glumpy and hard. But still, no problem..the taste wasn’t disappointing   ( I made apple, cinnamon flavor).

So, yesterday I bought a bottle of skim milk and fresh yogurt. Besides their creamy and tasteful properties, they contained a good amount of protein, calcium and  vitamins. Above all, they make you full!


My apple, cinnamon overnight oatmeal. Without milk or yogurt.

And below is with milk and yogurt. See the difference of the textures? Lots more creamy!


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Overnight breakfast – refrigerator oatmeal :

1/2 cup oat
1/3 cup skim milk
1/3 cup fresh yogurt / Greek Yogurt
A sprinkle of ground cinnamon
A dash of honey (optional – any sweetener you prefer)

And the fruit filling or nutty toppings is all up to your favor.

Put them in a jar/ container/ glass and keep it in your refrigerator overnight.

Happy breakfast!

* It’s not weird at all having a cold oat for breakfast mind you 😀 *


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