It’s a hot holiday

I do not have any idea how much is sea level rising by now because it is too hot outside. World is getting terribly hot and dry day by day. Since today is my off day, I’ve got some things to settle which required me to drive to the middle of the town. With all the courage, I had to bear the killing, dazzling hot sun, and I was sweating like I was under a shower! I could pass out from the heat.

So, I rushed back home after everything was settled. Got a message from Nisah, confirming about our videography appointment. This time, she asked my help for making a video for her business. I’m not really pro about making a good video, hope I wouldn’t disappoint her. She told me she will give me a free shawl, appreciating my ‘behind the scene’ involvement. haha. She really take this too seriously, I had never expect any gift from her. But well, it is good to get some free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff?). At least, I can add it to my shawl collections 😀

I hope the sun could ‘cool down’ just a little bit, giving a way for us to record the video and whatnot. It would be an interesting evening if the weather are nice and windy, and we could also have a short sharing and discussion about the businesses.

I was thinking about having an instagram account for fitness purposes. Actually, a lot of things are going on in my mind about the idea of fitness. One of them is getting a certificate of professional wellness coach (or nutritionist/ dietitian) in the future; so that I can carry out some activities or maybe managing a small fitness centre? or healthy food bistro? hmm. Interesting huh? Thinking about it alone makes me feel high. That’s all I wanna do in my life. Helping peoples to motivate themselves towards a better living.


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