Little Chapter Of These Recent Days

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Life, is hectic these days. It’s the end of April! Time is no joke for real. I felt like I was just graduated – felt like I was still nineteen, but in fact I am a young lady – who strives in her uncertain path – who’s still crawling in defining her life.

Work is wonderful though. Tomorrow marks my third month of working! Can you believe in that? Haha. This is my longest period of working in my entire life. I’ve achieved my personal sale target for the very first time, and I’m scared of the higher target next month. I don’t f know how would I cope with the target. Sometimes, yes. I just wanna to hand off and get some reasonable life. But after all, when it comes to an end, I just realised that life is a beautiful struggle. People might say you are incapable, look you down, but know what – just do it. Show them who are you. Stay strong because everything is a process.

Mom keep asking me to further my study. Deep down, I pun feel like want to hold a Master Degree but for sure – not in Aquatic anymore. I’ve searched and thought about the possible university, and sadly, all of them are far from my home! Meansss.. I probably will have to get out from my home sooner. Why oh why? I had email-ed the Prof, and asking about the probability if I’m accepted and she asked me to drop my resume (which I should work on it after posting this 😛 ) Let say if I’m accepted.. I should save some bucks starting now. And I will reunite with Sakinah! She’s doing her Master degree at the uni! Hopefully I’m accepted. Ameen.

Adik got the interview! If she managed to pass it, another teacher in the making! If it was meant to be, so, I have to accept the fact that I’m the only one who’s not a teacher. Abah will really proud of the teachers and leaving me. Looking down me. I know. I understand it well..and it’s okay..

This coming May wouldn’t be the same like any other previous months. Things changed. We decided to part off. It’s difficult.. and I grew stronger. I’m just out. I had enough of it. Now, I just wanna to find my life back. I want to build my own certain platform. It takes time – – a lot of time, but surely worth it, no?

So, that was it. A little chapter of these recent days. Till the next entry.

Sun shines

Three cakes for two


Ezan and I went to the customer’s house to collect the money. After everything was settled, we rewarded ourselves with three pieces of cakes. We were like..3 pieces? We could die from the sweets, creams, cheeses, and chocs!

Our diet plan? Straight down to the drain! Haish.

..but we had a great time lah 😀

The most expensive beverage I'd ever bought in my life. I wonder why I'm so boros. Whyy

Happy Ezan and her fav cake

And here she is. With walnut brownies.

Till then. Desperately need a rest after a hectic week. Tomorrow is my off day! Hope I can get off from my bed for a morning jog.

Meeting them

Since manpower is not enough, I started to work with the staffs from another outlet. That was the starter point when I met Ah Tat, Chris, Ezan and Azrul.

Tat , for me ; is a grown-up Kenny. He has all the package needed in a man. His appearance, mind intelligence, sense of humours, and his passion towards work – I found it attractive. He’s the one who motivates me a lot after Kenny was. He is talkative, love to sing, and because of him, I think, I can memorise some of the Chinese songs he often sang. Haha.

Met Nicky Toe a.k.a. Ah Tat 😀

I don’t know why we were so clicked together. I still remember the first time I met him. He is a smart guy who always tuck his shirt in. Other than Tat and Kenny, he taught me a lot about making sale. We ponteng training together by taking MC. He offered the idea to Azrul and me. We all know the consequences. Fine of RM 100 and a warning letter. Haha. Gila.

Azrul is like my adik but looks way more matured than me his age. I know he got the talent in marketing field. He wanna further his study in Science Sport and I couldn’t agree more. He got everything needed for it. I wished I was able to rewind the time, so that I can be that young again to make a better choice. But wait, nobody is never too old to dream, right? I should not regret of anything..

And Ezan, my only girl-friend. We discussed who’s the most handsome among the boys. Haha.

It is wonderful to know all of them. I think, I’d changed a lot since my day one of working. I’ve been more approachable, and good at smiling and making friends. I was improved in a way of facing the society as well as understanding them. I started to listen to the public’s opinion, talking to random peoples ; they were things I won’t get if I still hang at my degree field and qualification. I’m glad of choosing this path way. Maybe I’m taking that road not taken. It’s not easy, but surely worth it.

Broken spell


Is this is really happening?

Finally, the spell was broken. I managed to make my first massage chair sale valued more than RM 10K ; shared with Ezan. So, each of us obtained a personal sale of RM 5K.

I was about to surrender in making sale since the crowds were really slow these days ; partly because of that dang GST which spikes up the living cost. I was thinking, who the hell will buy the massage chair? Who’s willing to invest several thousands bucks just for their daily health?

I know people like Kak Liza is still exist.

So, my monthly personal sale is now about RM 8K, still need to ‘find’ another RM2K+ to claim for the commissions. Otherwise, I’ll still stuck on the basic salary.

I wish Kenny was here to celebrate this. I missed his wide grin whenever I managed to sale something. I missed his long motivational talk, I missed to listen to his life philosophy. Hahah. I bet he’s doing well there.

I know I can reach my sale target this month. It is sooo close. I have to work even harder and smarter.

The Truth About Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time

You never meet the right people at the wrong time “because the right people are timeless.”

Thought Catalog

Timing is something that none of us can seem to get quite right with relationships. We meet the person of our dreams the month before they leave to go study abroad. We form an incredibly close friendship with an attractive person who is already taken. One relationship ends because our partner isn’t ready to get serious and another ends because they’re getting serious too soon.

“It would be perfect,” We moan to our friends, “If only this were five years from now/eight years sooner/some indistinct time in the future where all our problems would take care of themselves.” Timing seems to be the invariable third party in all of our relationships. And yet we never stop to consider why we let timing play such a drastic role in our lives.

Timing is a bitch, yes. But it’s only a bitch if we let it be. Here’s a simple truth…

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While I am half dying

Ezan : Ey, Izni. Rambut you pendek ka panjang? Pasal apa you pakai ni? (Sambil running down her fingers through her long hair which I immediately knew it was my tudung)

Me : I nak tutup tak mau bagi orang tengok. Memang macam ni ma..rambut tu aurat. You tau ka apa maksud aurat?

Ezan : Ya lo..I tak boleh tunjuk kaki..baju tangan pendek pun you tak boleh pakai..tapi apa pasal ah I hari tu tengok ada yang masuk toilet buang tudung lepas itu keluar jalan-jalan?

Me : ada tengok ka? Tak baik oo macam tu..maybe tak bagi parents depa tau kot..

Ezan : Tu lah..haiyoo teruk oo. Haa ni..apa pasal I ada tengok you p sembahyang tapi kawan-kawan you tak pi oh? Depa tak sembahyang ka? Boleh oo mcm tu?

And the Q&A session goes on and on.

I wasn’t tired of answering Ezan, but to cover those third party of Muslims Malays ; I was ashamed.

Really, very ashamed.

Oh. Ezan is my best friend. My colleague. My teman gelak-gelak. My teman of rambling, gossiping, share duit makan big apple. We’re just clicked  together. Deep down, I’m hoping Ezan would be a Muslimah. She understands more that some other Muslimahs do.

That was two-days-ago’s-story. I am half dying from working. I’ve to reach  my personal sale target this month! Life seemed to show its true colour. Had not contact Irfan for quite a few days (I think it will be for forever). Who cares. I can live on my own.

Bluetooth Keyboard

It’s me, a caveman.

I’d never thought of having a separate, wireless keyboard. To be honest, I had no idea that this thing is actually exist until I stumbled across it on a webpage 😀

Well, I’m blogging this using my new Bluetooth Keyboard connected with my cellphone. It works awesomely! I’ve to admit it that money is sometimes (?) cool, isn’t? Haha.

So, meet my new companion. Now, writing (I mean, typing) seemed so easy for me. So much easy. I am on cloud nine! 


Where are my idea showers that I used to hold everyday? Come on, it’s time to back in the track!