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First attempt of drinking oil

For real? Me drinking oil?

Oh yes. Tonight (few minutes ago) marked my first attempt of drinking extra virgin olive oil. I’ve been research about the goddess benefits of extra virgin oil and it was said that by consuming olive oil at least two tablespoons  a day could make your body healthier; in every possible aspects.

So let see how it reacts on my inner body. Someday I will report on how I feel after a certain time of consuming the oil. 

The taste? Oily. Yes. It was weird at the very first time. Holding a spoon of oil, thinking that you will swallow the oil by any mean – so I would advise you to do not think much about it. Just do it and take a sip of warm water afterward.

Ever heard about oil pulling? If you think it is a type of sport, oh just stop thinking. 😛 It is actually a way of eliminating bad bacteria in your mouth. I think I should do a separate write-up about the oil pulling, someday ; later.

It was past midnight and past my sleeping time. I am wide awake now. Part of me was thinking why he didn’t join his band today? He was absent. Anything happened?

They sounded plain without him ; as I am.


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