While I am half dying

Ezan : Ey, Izni. Rambut you pendek ka panjang? Pasal apa you pakai ni? (Sambil running down her fingers through her long hair which I immediately knew it was my tudung)

Me : I nak tutup tak mau bagi orang tengok. Memang macam ni ma..rambut tu aurat. You tau ka apa maksud aurat?

Ezan : Ya lo..I tau..you tak boleh tunjuk kaki..baju tangan pendek pun you tak boleh pakai..tapi apa pasal ah I hari tu tengok ada yang masuk toilet buang tudung lepas itu keluar jalan-jalan?

Me : Aiyo..you ada tengok ka? Tak baik oo macam tu..maybe tak bagi parents depa tau kot..

Ezan : Tu lah..haiyoo teruk oo. Haa ni..apa pasal I ada tengok you p sembahyang tapi kawan-kawan you tak pi oh? Depa tak sembahyang ka? Boleh oo mcm tu?

And the Q&A session goes on and on.

I wasn’t tired of answering Ezan, but to cover those third party of Muslims Malays ; I was ashamed.

Really, very ashamed.

Oh. Ezan is my best friend. My colleague. My teman gelak-gelak. My teman of rambling, gossiping, share duit makan big apple. We’re just clicked  together. Deep down, I’m hoping Ezan would be a Muslimah. She understands more that some other Muslimahs do.

That was two-days-ago’s-story. I am half dying from working. I’ve to reach  my personal sale target this month! Life seemed to show its true colour. Had not contact Irfan for quite a few days (I think it will be for forever). Who cares. I can live on my own.


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