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Meeting them

Since manpower is not enough, I started to work with the staffs from another outlet. That was the starter point when I met Ah Tat, Chris, Ezan and Azrul.

Tat , for me ; is a grown-up Kenny. He has all the package needed in a man. His appearance, mind intelligence, sense of humours, and his passion towards work – I found it attractive. He’s the one who motivates me a lot after Kenny was. He is talkative, love to sing, and because of him, I think, I can memorise some of the Chinese songs he often sang. Haha.


Met Nicky Toe a.k.a. Ah Tat 😀

I don’t know why we were so clicked together. I still remember the first time I met him. He is a smart guy who always tuck his shirt in. Other than Tat and Kenny, he taught me a lot about making sale. We ponteng training together by taking MC. He offered the idea to Azrul and me. We all know the consequences. Fine of RM 100 and a warning letter. Haha. Gila.

Azrul is like my adik but looks way more matured than me his age. I know he got the talent in marketing field. He wanna further his study in Science Sport and I couldn’t agree more. He got everything needed for it. I wished I was able to rewind the time, so that I can be that young again to make a better choice. But wait, nobody is never too old to dream, right? I should not regret of anything..

And Ezan, my only girl-friend. We discussed who’s the most handsome among the boys. Haha.

It is wonderful to know all of them. I think, I’d changed a lot since my day one of working. I’ve been more approachable, and good at smiling and making friends. I was improved in a way of facing the society as well as understanding them. I started to listen to the public’s opinion, talking to random peoples ; they were things I won’t get if I still hang at my degree field and qualification. I’m glad of choosing this path way. Maybe I’m taking that road not taken. It’s not easy, but surely worth it.


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