Broken spell


Is this is really happening?

Finally, the spell was broken. I managed to make my first massage chair sale valued more than RM 10K ; shared with Ezan. So, each of us obtained a personal sale of RM 5K.

I was about to surrender in making sale since the crowds were really slow these days ; partly because of that dang GST which spikes up the living cost. I was thinking, who the hell will buy the massage chair? Who’s willing to invest several thousands bucks just for their daily health?

I know people like Kak Liza is still exist.

So, my monthly personal sale is now about RM 8K, still need to ‘find’ another RM2K+ to claim for the commissions. Otherwise, I’ll still stuck on the basic salary.

I wish Kenny was here to celebrate this. I missed his wide grin whenever I managed to sale something. I missed his long motivational talk, I missed to listen to his life philosophy. Hahah. I bet he’s doing well there.

I know I can reach my sale target this month. It is sooo close. I have to work even harder and smarter.


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