To begin with, I don’t know how we became that uniquely close. I think, I was labeled as “Confession Box” on my forehead. Most of my friends told me their true life stories. And Tikah has hers. She’s wearing (pic) my gift tudung sempena her birthday. When I told her I want to further my study (InsyaAllah), she paused for a moment, and said she’ll support me for whatever decision I made. I hold a lot of peoples’ stories. While mine is buried away. 30 days left for working. Surely will miss her, and everything a lot.


The record

For the record, he is the only one who called me by my last name.

My best buddy knew how I secretly admired him and having his word in front of his book is just amazing. That just made my day.

So, good night. Tomorrow is my off day! 😀 Perhaps I can have a good rest and read his book. Pray my flu wouldn’t getting worse.


Semoga sahaja

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Kinda curse and I’m not sorry

Few months back, before I made my mind to work, I’ve told myself about the protocols it might hold. I mean, you know the hierarchy norm, the badmouthing, and the most dominant ‘trait’ I warned myself was about – the employer might not understand the employee, and they might look you down straight to the darn drain. They might think you’re some trashes which come out of nowhere, love to find a hill of reasons just to cover up your truest 
story. Those freaking inferiority, the rubbish title who literally gave them a green pass to say what they feel like wanna say ; I just feel like vomit. Right now.

You know me, I hate protocol and organisation.

I’m not afraid of the head of the hierarchy. You think you’re the most powerful huh? Shame on you. Shame.





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Veggies oat pancake

My first trial of bringing oatmeal pancake to another level..and the result was…still need a lot of improvement. But at least I had try my best haha.

The idea came when I saw the oatmeal container and the leafy greens in the refri. I thought..okay let’s do this. Whatever happen, I will eat them. Plus, they’re nutritious! So why not?



The taste is not bad told you 😀

Ate this as my breakfast and stayed full for the rest of the day like seriously!

Next time, the greens should be chopped more finely, and the pancake should be thinner.

– – –
Chopped veggies :
Red Coral salad
Romaine salad
Butterhead salad
Cherry tomatoes

Basically throw everything inside the egg-oatmeal mixture. Some salt, ground cinnamon and pepper. On hot pan.

* This is gonna be one of the menus for my future childs. Aha.


A pile of hopes

So, I told Nicky that June will be my last month of work. I had made a decision that I thought I would never make. Perhaps it would be the best decision I’d ever make for my self.

After a series of email session with the Professor, she asked me to meet her in person in order to discuss about the project. She said she had a project, she just wanna know if I’m agree with it. My jaw dropped when she wrote “…If you’re serious about working towards PhD with us, I can wait for our discussion..”. Okay. Is it a PhD invitation or what? haha.

Aku tak sangka yang benda ni boleh jadi this far. I’m not expecting that I could be this gamble. From Aquatic Science leap over to Nutrition – – if I was accepted, I will be the happiest human on earth. Nutrition is what I wanna go for all this time. I know what I want to do with it.

I understand this is a risky choice; I might have to burn a pile of midnight oil just to study the basis of it. I hope I am content enough going through every possible hardship along the phase.

Life, it’s been a little dull lately. I don’t know if this is what every twenty-something people should feel but I’m terribly do. I feel like wanna go out from here for a long while, to somewhere far away. A place where people don’t know my name..

I hope I will be accepted by the Prof.

I hope I can start creating my own world (not too late, I guess?).

I hope I can start a new life, forget all the dull scars.

I hope I can be at somewhere far, two or three years from now.

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Parents blessing

Tired but let me jot this before I shut my eyes down.

There was this customer who wanna buy this certain exercise product for his parents. He brang along both his mom and dad.

Somewhere in between our conversation, he said “I don’t care how much is long as I can make my mom happy” then I took a glance to his mom from far..i saw her happy face, trying out the product.

I smiled and the words couldn’t get out from my head. Until now.

World. If you wanna own a happy world, dan merasa cukup dengan segala apa yang kita ada..just be good to your parents.

Even if you’ve spent your entire saving just to see their smile and laughter, you would never be poor. You’re rich with their blessings and your life will be somehow so easy! Like a magic.

So, do not underestimate our parents.They can make your life heavenly or otherwise round. Depend on how you make them feel.

*Excuse my bad writing these days. Have no time to think before write. So the writing goes like..what comes first in my head..then that was it. Be it grammatical error or whatsoever. I guess this is not a thesis writing. 😛

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Night rain


It was 11 pm when everything was settled. What a tiring shift..I could die from this foot pain!

Couldn’t imagine how my life would be next week. No off day for everyone because Azrul is still fighting his Denggi. Hope he will be okay soon. Manpower had never enough..I wonder why don’t they just posted the vacancy?

Still raining outside. Night rain..i love it! I just hope that my feet are strong enough to stand again tomorrow.


Bought this. I dream of having all these kind of herbs in some cute pots in my kitchen.


14 Small Challenges That Will Push You Toward Your Best Life

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thumbnail image – Jorge Sanmartín Maïssa

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As a (mostly) low-cost alternative, I came up with fourteen mini challenges that are entirely possible to breeze through over a two-week period. They may not all be scary but they’re all, in some form, designed to push you out of your comfort zone and get in touch with the absolute best version of yourself.

If you want to put these to the test, I want to help! Tweet at me, message me or email me letting me know which one you tried and I’ll try the same one. We’ll swap awesome, fulfilling…

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