Parents blessing

Tired but let me jot this before I shut my eyes down.

There was this customer who wanna buy this certain exercise product for his parents. He brang along both his mom and dad.

Somewhere in between our conversation, he said “I don’t care how much is long as I can make my mom happy” then I took a glance to his mom from far..i saw her happy face, trying out the product.

I smiled and the words couldn’t get out from my head. Until now.

World. If you wanna own a happy world, dan merasa cukup dengan segala apa yang kita ada..just be good to your parents.

Even if you’ve spent your entire saving just to see their smile and laughter, you would never be poor. You’re rich with their blessings and your life will be somehow so easy! Like a magic.

So, do not underestimate our parents.They can make your life heavenly or otherwise round. Depend on how you make them feel.

*Excuse my bad writing these days. Have no time to think before write. So the writing goes like..what comes first in my head..then that was it. Be it grammatical error or whatsoever. I guess this is not a thesis writing. 😛


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