A pile of hopes

So, I told Nicky that June will be my last month of work. I had made a decision that I thought I would never make. Perhaps it would be the best decision I’d ever make for my self.

After a series of email session with the Professor, she asked me to meet her in person in order to discuss about the project. She said she had a project, she just wanna know if I’m agree with it. My jaw dropped when she wrote “…If you’re serious about working towards PhD with us, I can wait for our discussion..”. Okay. Is it a PhD invitation or what? haha.

Aku tak sangka yang benda ni boleh jadi this far. I’m not expecting that I could be this gamble. From Aquatic Science leap over to Nutrition – – if I was accepted, I will be the happiest human on earth. Nutrition is what I wanna go for all this time. I know what I want to do with it.

I understand this is a risky choice; I might have to burn a pile of midnight oil just to study the basis of it. I hope I am content enough going through every possible hardship along the phase.

Life, it’s been a little dull lately. I don’t know if this is what every twenty-something people should feel but I’m terribly do. I feel like wanna go out from here for a long while, to somewhere far away. A place where people don’t know my name..

I hope I will be accepted by the Prof.

I hope I can start creating my own world (not too late, I guess?).

I hope I can start a new life, forget all the dull scars.

I hope I can be at somewhere far, two or three years from now.


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