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Veggies oat pancake

My first trial of bringing oatmeal pancake to another level..and the result was…still need a lot of improvement. But at least I had try my best haha.

The idea came when I saw the oatmeal container and the leafy greens in the refri. I thought..okay let’s do this. Whatever happen, I will eat them. Plus, they’re nutritious! So why not?



The taste is not bad told you 😀

Ate this as my breakfast and stayed full for the rest of the day like seriously!

Next time, the greens should be chopped more finely, and the pancake should be thinner.

– – –
Chopped veggies :
Red Coral salad
Romaine salad
Butterhead salad
Cherry tomatoes

Basically throw everything inside the egg-oatmeal mixture. Some salt, ground cinnamon and pepper. On hot pan.

* This is gonna be one of the menus for my future childs. Aha.


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