“I Love You”

Jemy, or Jamilah is now in love; I guess. A staff from Noodle Station confessed to Wani that he likes Jemy a day before.  This morning, while we were chatted around, just like our usual working day, he came and went straight away to the chair where Jemy sat. Jemy looked up, to see his face. And after a couple minutes later, he went away.

We were in state of boo-ing Jemy and teased her hard until her face gone red. We asked what he just said just now and she told us that he said “I love you” to her. I can tell from her face – love is in the air!

We burst into laughter and the rest of the day was belong to Jemy. She smiled like you know, a bright star.

I wasn’t expected the boy would say it right on her face. I mean, where did he got the courage when it was his first attempt talking to Jemy? You know..like the first conversation was “I love You”? Kidding me.

I don’t know about the other girls. But I’m not kinda Jemy-style. If someone who admired me shows up and says “I Love You” maybe it took some times for me to look at him. Or even speak to him. Like really? Can’t you say something sane?

Kids, nevermind. Take your time growing.

What I’ve been up to lately

I am struggling maintaining the powerbank cable that’s not quite behaved while writing this. I was about to consider buying a powerbank two weeks ago since everything I did is now through my phone since adik took away the laptop. Before I had a chance to peek out any powerbank, Ezan handed me one. A Hello-Kitty-shaped-powerbank!

Okay, that was cute. I would never buy any cartoon-shaped gadgets for myself at the very first place. I hate cartoon for no solid reason. I just hate it. But thinking that was a gift, so why not? And now I have a Hello Kitty that lighted up blue when a cable connected to it. Haha. Anyway, thanks Ezan!

Besides working, I’ve been busy with my online (and offline!) business – which made me somehow rarely write anything. The business is all mine now since the two other sisters were away from home. I’ve been struggling with myself to make sure everything is decently done. For the record, I placed our products in one of the Bazaar Ramadhan at SP. To my ultimate surprise, half of them were sold out within two to three days. Tonight, I just settled the branding tag. Sooner, our tudung will have brand tag! Alhamdulillah, couldn’t be more happy.

This time, I wanna restock up more. But looking at my work schedule for these 3 days..I wish I could breathe.

Nearly 2 am. I’ve loads of unfinished tasks. Thinking about how I’m gonna stay awake tomorrow, for now I should sleep.

6 days to go

When I was rushing to work this morning (as usual), my “365 Days” app popped out a notification.

It told me that I had another 6 days before I left my work.

I have a lot to write about what happened during my working period, perhaps one day I would have that golden time to write everything down just to stamp it as a great memorial.

Hashtag Lost. Two

It is a silly thing ever to tell someone else that you’re lost in this life. They could never fathom you or worst, they will belittle and laugh at you, deep down. Any of it couldn’t help you to find what you’ve lost.

I seek peace in prayers. I think what I had lost is that connection. I gain my strength in sujood, when I whispered to Him what my day was like. And (not) surprisingly, I felt like a whole and complete one again. Yes, through prayers you (and I) will find the utmost peace.

Still lost, anyway. But when you have faith on Allah and believe that everything isn’t that difficult, just relax.

Sit back and relax.


Hashtag Lost. One

Most of all, I lost myself.

I forgot how the real, old me used to live without worrying of what’s coming ahead. I am no more a solid, content person that you might known back in two or three years ago. Not much of me remained. They said the older you’re, the wiser you will be. Maybe, just maybe it won’t work on me (yet?).

The older I get, the more fed up I am on life. I’m barely drifting with the flow rather than truly living. Like an unseen plankton who make it ways through the rolling wave ocean which –

at the end of the day it would be totally lost in the saltiness
Being a scrumptious meal to the whale
To the zoos
To the whole seas.

Forget I’m not that they would be sometimes shining in the dark night
Forming a leading light along the shore
Giving way to the lost
Amaze people with the luminescent

Perhaps the leading light would lead

Would heal the bleed

The chasing monster

When did you started to be really afraid?

You’re afraid of the imaginary monster chasing behind
Scared you to death that you run out of breathe

Run –
Sometimes you had the thought of
stopping and let the monster eat you fresh alive
From outside tearing apart
And inside it goes, eating the decomposed heart and soul
rotten thought and brain mold

The stagnant blood river
Maybe it’s all what will people found
Because it’s all what will left

June 9, 2015

To the lost one,

To the lost one,

Be strong in finding the path; even you know you’re just at the edge of everything. Feeling like in a second or two you will be pushed by the devil wind into the unknown canyon.

You feel lost. That makes up the worst you. You, who’s already in pieces is now teared again into another several pieces. Maybe when it reaches the final piece then maybe your time will over. The game will over, and you’re done.