What I’ve been up to lately

I am struggling maintaining the powerbank cable that’s not quite behaved while writing this. I was about to consider buying a powerbank two weeks ago since everything I did is now through my phone since adik took away the laptop. Before I had a chance to peek out any powerbank, Ezan handed me one. A Hello-Kitty-shaped-powerbank!

Okay, that was cute. I would never buy any cartoon-shaped gadgets for myself at the very first place. I hate cartoon for no solid reason. I just hate it. But thinking that was a gift, so why not? And now I have a Hello Kitty that lighted up blue when a cable connected to it. Haha. Anyway, thanks Ezan!

Besides working, I’ve been busy with my online (and offline!) business – which made me somehow rarely write anything. The business is all mine now since the two other sisters were away from home. I’ve been struggling with myself to make sure everything is decently done. For the record, I placed our products in one of the Bazaar Ramadhan at SP. To my ultimate surprise, half of them were sold out within two to three days. Tonight, I just settled the branding tag. Sooner, our tudung will have brand tag! Alhamdulillah, couldn’t be more happy.

This time, I wanna restock up more. But looking at my work schedule for these 3 days..I wish I could breathe.

Nearly 2 am. I’ve loads of unfinished tasks. Thinking about how I’m gonna stay awake tomorrow, for now I should sleep.


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