“I Love You”

Jemy, or Jamilah is now in love; I guess. A staff from Noodle Station confessed to Wani that he likes Jemy a day before.  This morning, while we were chatted around, just like our usual working day, he came and went straight away to the chair where Jemy sat. Jemy looked up, to see his face. And after a couple minutes later, he went away.

We were in state of boo-ing Jemy and teased her hard until her face gone red. We asked what he just said just now and she told us that he said “I love you” to her. I can tell from her face – love is in the air!

We burst into laughter and the rest of the day was belong to Jemy. She smiled like you know, a bright star.

I wasn’t expected the boy would say it right on her face. I mean, where did he got the courage when it was his first attempt talking to Jemy? You know..like the first conversation was “I love You”? Kidding me.

I don’t know about the other girls. But I’m not kinda Jemy-style. If someone who admired me shows up and says “I Love You” maybe it took some times for me to look at him. Or even speak to him. Like really? Can’t you say something sane?

Kids, nevermind. Take your time growing.


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