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Pizookie (Baker I’m Not)

When I first met this recipe on web and youtube, I thought hey, this could be something. It is soo easy and simple like you just need several ingredients and maybe just maybe it suits me, this innocent non-baker-hand girl. It seemed super delicious (and lots calorie not to mention!) that I saved the url and make it as reality today.


Before bake


The result! It is called pizookie. Cookies in pizza-way. Topping with ice cream ♡

It was so easy, you should try out! (refer to the recipe on the url I mentioned above).

Except for me, non baker hand and mind; it turns out super hard and dry. A little bit overcooked. When I topped with the ice cream and left it like 4 hours, then it started to soften. On top of that, everything is yummehh. Such an irresistible guilty pleasure.

So, for my future man do not expect me to bake you cake, pudding, and whatnot. We can just order anything through anything available. We can sit and enjoy them together without wasting time for baking things. Agree?


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