Last day work

So, my last day of working isn’t shared here yet, aren’t I? It has been a week since I left my beloved work ; the most beloved one among others I would say (and still missing it!). I just told certain people that I will leave while others had no idea where on earth Izni had disappeared to after 30 June. Haha. I’m not good at saying good byes and leaving secretly is the most decent thing I could do.


I’m worried for Tikah.

She lost her best-listener and I wonder what would happened with her brain-tumor-boyfriend. I wished I was there to listen her more, my prayers for her. May Allah open her heart to start praying as she wished.

After all, it is a great 5 months journey! Hope I will remember every life lessons learned along the period.

P/s : I started to miss playing basketball with Chris with our One Ringgit.


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