Oatmeal cookies

Prolly I caught flu due to the rain. Now barely breathe I got my nose stuck! Anyway, good that I’m home, not bonded with any official work commitment, perhaps it gives me a plenty of times for speedy recovery.

Nothing stopped me from trying my new recipe. Haha today it is oatmeal with dates and choc chips cookies. Cookies again! I just love love cookies, I don’t know what to do with myself.

If I weigh 45kg , I would eat cookies like a cookie monster every second, everyday. Haha but no its never happened.

45 kg? Dream on.

Rant aside, so here is the little guy :


Finally, I have baked something I could be proud of (because it was so easy that’s why). You should try this! Crunchy at the outside and chewy inside.

I’m quite impressive with oatmeal alone, it can turn out great when combine with other ingredients. Such a decent flour substitution. Suitable for those who need to watch their weight while eating guilty foodie like this cookies.

Till then, just pray I will be free from fever.


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